System Administration Tools

MySQL is a powerful lightweight SQL server that is free of charge for non-commercial use. It supports ANSI92 SQL standard, APIs for all common programming languages, full SELECT and WHERE. ORDER BY and GROUP BY functions, and other amazing features are supported by this FREE SQL server. For more information about MySQL, check out thier

BIND 8.1.1
If you are running an older version of
BIND, You should definately upgrade to the current version. You can get the latest BIND from the Internet Software Consortium. In addition to security fixes, it is much more efficient, and also notifies secondary servers (running 8.x) of zone updates. You can find the included Documentation here.

Virtual Interfaces
If you are doing web hosting of any kind, you will eventually need to use virtual interfaces. Virtual interfaces are aliased IP addressses on the ethernet adapter of your web server. It's probably advisable for you to check your local man page for ifconfig, but if you can't find any help, try the link above. It has some rudimentary documentationfor linux and solaris.

Theres a good chance that, as a System Administrator, you will need to order and ISDN line and hardware to go with it. The toughest part of configuring an ISDN terminal is getting the
SPIDs correct. The other difficulty is picking hardware. I have little experience with anything but Ascend Products. They are very reliable, and feature rich.

If you are running one system or 1,000, if you are connected to the internet you will need to provide some level of security. There are loads of documents on the internet to sift though, and that can be incredibly time consuming (I should know, I've done it), So here is a starter for you.
RFC 1244, the Site Security Handbook. I will be cataloging more of the common security paper dso you can easily find the ones that are appropriate for you.

Network Administration Tools

The internet is obviously an international effort. To interact with your peers, and invaders, you will need to know where they are located. You may also need to contact another networks NOC.

When you jump into the great wide world of BGP routing, you will need to grok CIDR (Classless Inter-domain Routing). I've got a list of all CIDR bitmask values. For those with dialin users requesting extra IP space for thier home/work/ISDN then you will want the granularity provided by my Chart. 3com has a very good explanation of why classfull routing was wasteful, and how CIDR's more granular approach has extended the life of IPv4.

The most important tool ot network and system administrators alike is information. Where do you get this information? What information is important? The web is overloaded with digested and undigested information and until you have a NC in your bathroom, magazines are going to be the best way to get what you need. Get it for free.

Trying to find that nerdy guy from high school to hire as your head of technical support? try InfoUSA, they have a nice search engine for finding people

And finally, you need to have a snappy web page like mine, so you can share your experience with the world. I needed a bit of help... HTML was a little.. hokey to me at first. You will find descriptions of all HTML tags at W3C (The World WIde Web Consortium). And to make your web page pretty, make sure the colors are right.

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